1) Ms DONATELLA MEDEI, Landlord and Owner of the real estate units, born in Rome-Italy on 04/08/1964, domiciled in Rome-Italy, Lungotevere dei Mellini, n. 7, cod. fisc. MDEDTL64M44H501Y rents for the sole use of tourism and with the exclusion of any other use, the housing units located in Rome, Via Lombardia n. 14 staircase A apartments 10 and 10A, each consisting of 2 bedrooms with private bathrooms, 1 living/dining room with open kitchen, 1 service bathroom, furnished.

2)The Tenant accepts in the same state of fact and law in which it/they is/are found, for the sole use of tourism and with the exclusion of any other use, the real estate unit/s located in Rome, Via Lombardia n. 14 staircase A apartment/s 10 and/or 10A, each consisting of 2 bedrooms with private bathrooms, 1 living/dining room with open kitchen, 1 service bathroom, furnished.

3)The Tenant agrees to benefit from the residential use property/ies exclusively for tourism purposes.

4) It is forbidden for the Tenant to sublet or to grant to third Parties, even precariously and/or temporarily, the enjoyment of the property/ies, under penalty of termination ipso iure of the lease contract.

5)The lease contract is agreed upon for the period booked on the website, when it will cease without the need for cancellation.

6)The rent is agreed in Euro as per the rates expressed on the website, for the entire duration of the lease contract and is paid entirely upon signing of the contract which is also valid as receipt by the Landlord.

7) If the Tenant decides to cancel the approved reservation up to 30 days prior to check-in he/she will get
100% refund of the total paid amount; if cancellation happens between 14 and 30 days prior to check-in
the Tenant will get 50% refund of the paid amount; otherwise no refund will be provided to the Tenant.

8) A non-tariff visitors tax is due amounting to Euro 3,50 (Three-Euro-Fifty-Cent) per night per person for a maximum of ten nights except for children under ten years of age.

9) A, refundable, deposit is required equal to Euro 300,00 (Three-Hundred/00 Euro) per each single real estate unit or amounting to 600,00 (Six-Hundred/00-Euro) for two real estate units, to be withheld in case of damage and to be paid upon signing of the lease contract. The deposit will be refunded 14 days after check-out.

10) The Tenant declares to have visited the real estate unit/s referred to in the lease contract and to have found it/them suitable for the agreed use, including the objects contained therein, and to take it/them over to all effects by collecting the keys, constituting himself/herself custodian and manager of the unit/s.

11) The Tenant agrees to return the real estate unit/s rented in the same state in which he/she received it/them, except for the deterioration of use, under penalty of compensation for damage.

12) The Landlord is not responsible, for any reason or cause, for any damage and/or shortage of any object and/or values ​​of the Tenant left by him/her in the real estate unit/s during or at the end of the contractual period.

13) The Landlord is entirely responsible for the utilities (electricity, water and gas) also the TARI and the condominium charges, as well as the change of bed linen and towels 3 times a

week and the daily cleaning of the accommodation/s carried out from the hours 11:00 to 13:00.

14) The Tenant is entirely responsible for the una tantum expenses – as they exist – relating to the total cleaning service of the accommodation amounting to Euro 60,00 (Sixty/00 Euro) per each single real estate unit, or amounting to Euro 100,00 (One-Hundred/00 Euro) for two real estate units, to be paid at the signature of the lease contract, which also applies as receipt of the same by the Landlord.

15) At the Tenant’s request:

– Extra change of towel set equals to Euro 3,50 per set

– Extra change of sheets and pillowcases equals to Euro 7,00 per set

-Tidying up and setting in order the accommodation during out-of-hours provided by the Landlord equals to Euro 20,00 (Twenty/00 Euro) per each single unit, or amounting to Euro 34,00 (Thirty-Four/00 Euro) for two real estate units.

16) At the Tenant’s request, the transfer to/from the airport, with direct payment to the driver at the average cost of Euro 50,00 (Fifty/00 Euro), can be proposed through an external company.

17) At the Tenant’s request, an external paid laundry service for personal clothing can be proposed, with home collection within 12 o’clock (noon) and delivery of clean laundry within 24 hours from collection.

18) Check in at 16:00hrs

19) Check-out at 11:00hrs

20) The real estate unit/s is/are intended for non-smokers.

21) The real estate unit/s is/are suitable for children.

22) No pets allowed in the real estate unit/s.

23) The Landlord has the right to visit the property/ies during daytime, subject to prior notice to the Tenant.

24) In the event of disputes or disagreements between the Parties, including with regard to the interpretation or application of the lease contract, each interested Party must contact the competent territorial Association adhering to Confedilizia to attempt a friendly settlement before appealing to the Judicial Authority.

25) For any dispute regarding the execution of the lease contract, the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome is agreed between the Parties.

26) The Parties mutually acknowledge that, although not provided for, the lease contract is exclusively governed by the rules of articles 1571 and following of the Civil Code, by art. 4 of the DL 50/2017 converted with Law n. 96/2017, by the art. 1 paragraph 2 letter C) of the law dated 9 December 1998 n. 431, as well as by the art. 53 of the Tourism Code, Legislative Decree 79/2011, it being a lease stipulated to satisfy housing needs having tourism purpose.

27) Any change to the lease contract cannot take place, and cannot be proven, except by written deed.

28) The Landlord and the Tenant mutually authorize each other to communicate their personal data to third parties in relation to obligations connected with the rental relationship (Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196).

29) The Tenant accepts to communicate his/her personal data and those of his/her travel Companion/s occupying the housing unit/s, for the purpose of the mandatory online communication of presences upon check-in to the service “alloggiati web”, as dictated by the set of rules of the D.M.I dated 07/01/2013.